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I'm tryin' ta think but nothin' happens

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March 15th, 2004

05:16 pm - Sleep Part I
I've been meaning to write about this for a while, but never really go around to it. It usually crosses my mind whenever I'm with someone, and they nod off and fall asleep against any will of their own. This event is always an amazing thing to witness because I have never experienced it myself.

I guess I'm a finicky sleeper. Either that or I'm just not very good at it. I can't just suddenly fall asleep if I'm feeling tired. Sleep only happens when I make the decision to go to a certain location and attempt it (and I'm not always successful).
Just to give you an idea, here are the things that usually have to happen in order for me to finally sleep:

1. I guess I have to go to a bed.

2. A fan must be on, no matter what time of the year. At least at home, because I found a comfort zone between having the fan on and a certain blanket/sheets.

3. I have to wear socks. 95% of the time I wear socks to bed because I can't sleep without them. The other 5% of the time is when I can't sleep with socks on, and must take them off. If that's not picky enough, they can't be the same socks I've worn all day, because they're all stretched out and flappy.

4. Now that I'm actually in the bed, I must sleep on my stomach. No, I can't sleep on my side or back. If I do, I'll just lay there or fall asleep for short periods of time. Again, if that's not picky enough, here's what usually has to happen in order to fall alseep:

Just like pretty much any other sleeping position, you can obviously perform it to the left or right. For me to sleep, I must first try to fall asleep facing the right. When that doesn't work, I switch to the left, which never works, and then back to the right, where I fall asleep.

5. Three pillows are required One for my head, one to lay on top of, and one to hold onto. Simple enough, except for this other requirement:

6. Pillows are noisy. Yeah, you heard me. They make enough noise in my ear to drive me insane. Luckily I found the flattest, oldest, crappiest pillow I could find. It's not as noisy (more noisy while laying to the left side), and works a bit better.

If all these things take place, it should be about a half hour before I actually fall asleep. I'm usually not that lucky, especially these past few nights, where I've barely slept. I've taken to sleeping on the floor (It sometimes does the trick), at least for an hour or two and then getting back into my bed.

Does this seem normal to you?

Current Mood: tiredtired
Current Music: Spock's Beard- I'm The Guy

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09:36 am
I'm a pilgrim on the edge,
On the edge of my perception,
We are travelers at the edge,
We are always at the edge of our perception.

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March 3rd, 2004

04:42 pm
ti voglio bene!
Con 24 mila baci
oggi saprei perché l'amore
vuole ogn'istante mille baci
mille carezze vuole all'ora.
Con 24 mila baci
felici corrono le ore
di un giorno splendido perché
ogni secondo bacio te.
Niente bugie meravigliose,
frasi d'amore appassionate,
ma solo baci che do a te,
ye.. ye.. ye.. ye.. ye.. ye.. ye!
Con 24 mila baci
così frenetico è l'amore
in questo giorno di follia
ogni minuto è tutto mio.

Niente bugie meravigliose,
frasi d'amore appassionate,
ma solo baci che do a te,
ye.. ye.. ye.. ye.. ye.. ye.. ye!
Con 24 mila baci
così frenetico è l'amore
in questo giorno di follia
ogni minuto è tutto mio.
Con 24 mila baci
felici corrono le ore
di un giorno splendido perché
ogni secondo bacio te.

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February 18th, 2004

11:23 am - I'm in Love With a Girl Named Brian
Last night I had a dream I was going to the zoo, or something. They had metal detectors and I kept setting them off. The gal using the magic metal detector wand kept holding it to my back. It kept going off and she wouldn't let me in. I got irritated and said, "It's just my belt buckle!" I proceeded to turn around and point at my belt buckle, because I had my belt on backwards. Interesting.

The gal decided to let me go in. I should mention that this gal was extremely attractive, of course. As I was walking by, she made some comment like, "Oh sure, all the attractive guys say that and they turn out to be bad." This stopped me, because it's not every day an attractive women calls me attractive, and I called her on it. It turns out I did hear what she said correctly, so I started to flirt with her. I got her number, or I was going to meet up with her later, I don't remember exactly. She told me her name, but I forgot her middle and last name. Her first name struck me though; it was Brian! I had never met a girl named Brian, and I thought that was pretty cool. So anyway, I was walking with one of her coworkers. He was geeky and overweight and thought I was quite lucky at getting in with his coworker. I knew there had to be some catch, so I asked him, "Wait... How old is she? I bet she's fifteen, isn't she?" He told me that, "No, she was more around our age... 24 or 25." I'm not 24 or 25, but I'm that still sounded good to me.

We then walked down some staircases, only the handrails were made out of piano keys, and I'd do these continuous piano glisses as I walked down the stairs (I did a lot of piano glisses last night). I woke up shorty after that.

I knew it was too good to be true. A hot chick named Brian that totally wanted me, and a staircase with piano-key handrails.
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Burt Bacharach- What the World Needs Now

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February 11th, 2004

09:30 pm
I just realized that on this day in the year 2000, me and a few friends went up to Minneapolis to see a Dream Theater show. We also ended up getting into a car accident. We still made it to the concert in time, but the car was leaking pretty much everything, the alignment was totally wacky, and the heater was broken. It still got us home in the middle of the snowstorm too.

Good times.
Current Music: Fantomas- Page 9, Live in Weisen

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February 10th, 2004

10:45 pm - Sometimes I Want to Sleep in the Street
Normally if I come across a silly quiz, I take it but I don't post results. However, I kind of liked the picture in this quiz so I'm going to post it.

You are naturally born with a gift, whether it be
poetry, writing or song. You love beauty and
creativity, and usually are highly intelligent.
Others view you as mysterious and dreamy, yet
also bold since you hold firm in your beliefs.

What Type of Soul Do You Have ?
brought to you by Quizilla

Current Music: The Pogues- Misty Morning, Albert Bridge

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January 29th, 2004

07:21 pm - Who put the bop in the bop shoo bop shoo bop?
This semester is already wearing on me. I'm not quite sure what it is.

I was hoping this semester wouldn't be as much work as the previous, even though I have just as many classes with just a couple more credits. The Gen Eds I'm taking this semester just require too much. It's quite lame actually. The call them Gen Eds for a reason. It's supposed to give you a smattering of a topic. Biology makes me do a bunch of shit I really don't care about. I'm germinating seeds in my room, writing tons of papers for a non-writing intensive class, and I'm not enjoying any of it really.

My American Racial Minority class is also pissing me off. A bunch more writing and I have to attend events that I probably won't find time to go to. I'm also worried about failing these classes. I don't know when this problem started developing, but I'm suddenly started questioning my ability to pass classes, especially these Gen Eds. Maybe it's because I'm getting close to finishing my degree and I just want to get everything done. I don't know.

And when that's not keeping me busy, I'm practicing my behind off for all the musical things I'm supposed to be doing. I'm not very confident that I'll be ready for my senior recital this semester. I know I tend to get down on myself about how good I am at what I do, but looking at this realistically, I just don't see how I can put together all of this music in the next few months. I should have had a better practice routine in the past, but I can't worry about that now. I was also stupid enough to volunteer to play the piano part in Godzilla Eats Las Vegas for Wind Ensemble. I've been spending a lot of time practicing that because I'm horrible at piano.

I decided that to help me prepare for my recital, I should be performing in front of people every chance I get. I performed in Recital Class today, one of the songs I learned a while back that I'm trying to keep in shape. It didn't go so well. It was one of those experiences where you decide that you should probably just give up and never play again. I was pretty bummed after that.

After Wind Ensemble, my director told me that she talked to my instructor and they decided that I would be best suited to play in an Honor Band in Cincinnati next month. I told her that I'd think about it, but I'm really feeling overwhelmed and out of control already. She totally understands that and she's going to let me think about it this weekend. I'm already pretty sure I'm not going to do it, simply because I can't afford to miss classes and rehearsals back here. It would be an awesome experience I'm sure, but I'm just curious why she mentioned it to me now when the other people that are going have known about it for months. Anyway, I thanked her very much for considering me though. That felt pretty good that her and my private instructor felt that I'd be the best to represent my school at some honor band in Cincinatti. I'm hoping I can get drunk enough tonight that I accidentally e-mail her and tell her I'll do it, and then I'll have to do it.

I wish I could tell my parents about how they thought I should play for this Honor Band thing, but my mom would just get pissed for not going. It's very easy for her to tell me to take all these opportunities, but she fails to consider and understand my feelings and limits about (anything) how much I can do. I've got so much music to learn already, I just don't feel that taking a week away to do other things is going to help me towards the much more important things I need to finish this semester.

I don't know why. I've been down.

Sorry to type a big college whining post. College students are inherently whiney about all the shit they have to do, like they want the world to know how busy and important they are. I try to avoid doing that, but sometimes this slips through. College students are dumb.

Current Mood: Down
Current Music: Mr. Bungle- Evil Satan

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January 11th, 2004

06:52 pm - I Promise
My winter break sadly comes to an end. I'm not exactly looking forward to returning to school, though I know I usually enjoy myself once I get back in the swing of things. I again have eight classes this semester, but at least this time it's for a whole fifteen credits instead of twelve. I'm anticipating that the generals I'm taking won't consume so much time this semester either... Which is good, because the impending senior recital I must give is going to sneak up on me quickly. I'm hoping to schedule it as near to the end of the semester as possible, for a couple reasons:

1) My extended family that is interested in coming would rather drive in Spring weather.

2) I need all the practice I can possibly get.

I'm very nervous about this. I'm very bad about preparing one or two pieces a music a semester, but now I have to prepare an hour's worth of music. I've got a few tricks up my sleeve to fall back on if the real difficult stuff stumps me. Either way, I have to practice my ass off this semester. I'm promising myself a generous portion of daily practice... daily. I'd appreciate a little "have you practiced yet today" kick in the butt if you'd be willing. And if I haven't practiced, please ask me why. If I give a really shitty reason, tell me and make me go practice.
Current Mood: nervousnervous
Current Music: Mr. Bungle-None of Them Knew They Were Robots (Live)

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January 9th, 2004

10:34 am - iPod Mini
I'm sure by now you've heard that Apple is releasing the iPod Mini. January and July are always exciting because Apple unveils new products. And while some of the other updates seem quite interesting, I have a problem with you, iPod Mini.

What a joke. Rumors go around about a smaller, affordable 100 dollar model of the iPod. The first problem with this rumor is that with computer stuff, smaller usually means more expensive. It's true, because the wonderful iPod mini is only a whopping 250 dollars. This is ridiculous. A 4GB iPod that is smaller, and OH, colored will only run you 250 dollars.

The funny thing is that a 15 GB iPod is only 50 dollars more. 50 dollars! I hope Apple does not sell a single iPod mini. If you can't wait and save another 50 dollars or bite the bullet and pay another 50 for 11 gigs MORE of space, you should be mauled by rabid pandas.

If I see anyone either excited about the iPod mini or someone that actually bought one, they will be harassed.

Current Mood: restlessrestless
Current Music: Idiot Flesh- Not My Song

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January 7th, 2004

11:37 am - Update on Henry Earl
This is crazy. Apparently on Jimmy Kimmel last night, they were talking about Henry Earl and showing his mug shots. Word about this dude is getting around fast. He'll probably be the next internet trend, and I can tell you where it originated.

It originated on the Mike Portnoy forum, where a forum member from Kentucky was browsing that website to find a name for his band. When he found Henry Earl, he found perhaps the greatest prisoner and also the name for his band.

Those Mike Portnoy forum people always seem to be either starting an internet trend or catching on to one early.

You heard it here first, folks... Actually you heard it from me who saw it develop on that forum, but anyway.

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