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That stupid Army commercial - I'm tryin' ta think but nothin' happens

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January 4th, 2005

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11:51 pm - That stupid Army commercial
I know that no one really reads this, but...

Have you seen that Army commercial? You know the one where it shows TERRORISTS walking around in their TERRORIST camps doing TERRORIST things? Only it looks like you're looking through those Star Wars binoculars? They proceed to tell you that the mission is to monitor enemy movement or something like that. You've also been given supplies for five days. Then they do some slow pan to a big pile of grass and show a guy hiding in it, looking in his Star Wars binoculars. The next thing they tell you is, "THIS IS DAY 12." And finally, "THINK YOU'RE UP FOR THE CHALLENGE?" No, thank you, I am not up for the challenge. What kind of crappy Army do we have where they give you five days of supplies for twelve days of work? I am sorry, but I would not like to work under those conditions.

Sorry, that commercial just really irritates me. No offense to those actually serving in the military, especially my cousins. I really hope they give you enough supplies... After all, this is America's Army, isn't it?
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